Project Marketing

Get the industry edge.

We have one distinct advantage: we’ve worked across every facet of residential property. The earlier you get us involved, the better. From site identification, design development, to brand and media management.

We tackle projects with a combination of strategic nous and collaborative spirit. That’s why they sell. These developments represent people’s livelihoods, and we take that responsibility seriously. Developers aren’t just investing in bricks and mortar – they’re investing in us. Our approach is all about transparency, from start to finish.

We only handle projects that are feasible in market, that combine beauty with liveability, and which meet the highest standards of luxury living. In other words, properties you can trust. There are enough developers over promising and underdelivering, we only partner with like minded clients with a vision to deliver. Our role is to ensure developer requirements are met and consumer needs exceeded.

Core Capabilities.

Project Positioning.
We ensure that development being created has a compelling design and positioning narrative and appeals to the buyer of tomorrow.

Design Advice.
We work with architects and consultants to create simple, practical design solutions that match project budgets and consumer demand.

Price Strategy
We ensure you are looking at the bigger picture, price is what you pay, value is what you get. Ensuring the product mix, design response match the demand. We have set records across many suburbs that other people said "could not be achieved"

Sales Management
We handle exclusive developments from contract administration to settlement.

“The world of property requires one eye in the present and one eye in the near future. At Elenberg Fraser we have loved working with Jamie for many years. Jamie Baldwin is one of the few that can see the future in the today. His developments will always have the best of the world today and a glimpse of what is coming tomorrow.”
Callum Fraser, Elenberg Fraser