Project Advisory

A partnership you can trust.

Deep industry knowledge is rare. Baldwin Co has a extensive partnership network which can assist developers with design development, floorplan curation, builder recommendations, introduction to financiers and handle brand & marketing including customer journey and effective sales display from end to end.

Baldwin Co's real skill lies in collaboration. Pulling together leading architects, landscape designers, builders and technology experts from all over the world. Fostering meaningful relationships. Matching the right people with the right projects to drive long-term success. All successful development have the same dna: It's one strategic vision. That’s why they work.

Our advisory doesn’t mean we’re boring. Baldwin Co is a bold, creative, and dynamic brand. We help clients to build and develop innovative and in demand properties. And we write with style and confidence. Your project in collaboration with Baldwin Co will be a considered approach.

Core Capabilities.

Site Identification.
We use our market insight to find sites with the best sales potential.

Feasibility Analysis.
We give honest advice on product mix, site viability and consumer trends.

Design Advice.
We work with architects, consultants and creative studios to create simple, practical design solutions that match project budgets.

Design Development.
We collaborate with your project team to create developments that work.

Market Insights.
Our knowledge of the Melbourne property sector is unmatched.

Price Strategy.
We ensure you are looking at the bigger picture, price is what you pay, value is what you get. We match buyer demand with a solution not to a spreadsheet.

“Their vision is built around the way we dream to live, creating inspired benchmarks, not following trends. They focus on customer experience with a commitment to design quality and delivery.”
Philip Rowe, Cox Architecture