Jamie Baldwin — Director — D.E

Jamie started his first business when he was 15. That pretty much tells you everything you need to know about him. With a career spanning 20 years across multiple industries, he is one of the most well respected property experts in Australia.

As a licensed agent and auctioneer he has overseen multi-million dollar projects for some of Australia’s largest private developers. Through his connections, he turned over more than $4 billion worth of property in six years, growing exclusive distribution networks throughout Asia. Jamie has personally executed over 30 projects around Australia. If he’s known for anything, it’s an uncanny ability to simply deliver results. Time after time after time.

Baldwin Co is Jamie’s professional legacy – a business into which he can invest every ounce of energy, integrity and professional enthusiasm. A chance to take everything he’s learned over 20 years in business, all his contacts and relationships and industry insight, and use them to change the world of high-end real estate. And he’s just getting started.